Pleats Collection

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Pings Imports & Exports was founded in 2000 by Ping Wang, entered the fashion world as one of the best woman’s trendy pleated garment manufacturers. Traded with Pleats Collection label, with the help of her partner JD Wang and the best sales team there is, the company experienced tremendous growth and consumer recognition during past 17+ years.
Grew up in the heart of Yangtze delta, which packed with garment and textile factories, Ping Wang started to help in the garment factory at a very young age. Clothing design has been her passion since that time. Influenced by Far East tradition and west modern art, Pleats Collection becomes the expression of Ping Wang’s artistic sensibilities. Vivid colors, sophisticate prints, and dynamic wear-ability made this brand one of the best in the garment industry. With a long history in textile, hence many of the innovative fabric treatment in our designs, Pleats Collection supplies clothing with consumer in mind; comfortable, figure enhancing, easy wear, easy care, ... Travel is a breeze with pleated / crinkled clothes.
Pings Imports & Exports will continue to innovate, inspire and liberate, Pleats Collection brand will continue to offer the modern styles which will dress its customers with trendiest fashion both day and evening.


I love to dress the ladies. I hope my designs not only make them beautiful, but also bring out their personality. 

Team Pleats !

​​   Pleats Collection

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